The Client Brief

The Trustees of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre first commissioned our practice to convert a former industrial workshop for use as yoga asanas and meditation rooms.

Further alterations and modifications were carried out in the course of the last ten years and since their expansion a further phase of extension and re-modelling was commissioned this year in order to unify their three terraces and back building in the hearth of Putney.

The Challenge

Was to create a more relaxing and fluid spaces for students and visitors of the Centre as well as to rationalise the existing three buildings to suit the residents and classrooms environment. The three separate small gardens were to be unified, landscaped and to include a water feature in order to create a small oasis of calm in a very urban environment.

What we did

The focal point of the centre is a double height space which is used for both exercise routines and for larger meetings and concerts.  A double rooflight over admits high levels of natural light into the heart of the deep plan building whilst use of acid etched glass has allowed existing window openings to be enlarged without compromising the privacy of the users.

Loft conversion and Basement alterations have followed and the ground floors have now been integrated and opened up and a new lift serving all the floors has been inserted to facilitate access.

End result

The integration of the rear landscaped garden with the new enlarged spaces at Ground floor has created a more harmonious environment to study and practice yoga. This together with the use of materials such as timber, brickwork and large glazed openings has enabled to transform these very simple terraces into a calming and more organic group of buildings.

The centre is now able to function as one rather then three separate building and student and residents activities feel more integrated in this new environment.