Beautiful, contemporary, refined homes with a discerning sense of style

Somorjay & Talliss are a smart thinking, design led team of residential architects based in Barnes, SW London.

Typically we work with clients located from West London to the Surrey borders that are planning a major extension / renovation project for their home.

Our niche is in seamlessly integrating traditional home builds with contemporary design – to exemplary effect.

The size of project we work with usually has a build value range from £100k to £3m.

The biggest investment you are likely to make

Extending and renovating your home will probably be the single biggest personal investment you will make. Therefore, you want to make all of your decisions with clarity, vision and confidence.

We fuse together a traditional ‘hands on’ service with a sharp eye for contemporary design.

As a team of three highly talented architects we are small enough to be personalised, yet deliver an exceptional level of experience. Your architect will always be your main point of contact.

Creating a stunning vision

Our measured approach will respect the original structure of your property and its characteristics, whilst transitioning the way it will look and function for a modern way of living.

In discussion with you, we:

  • Identify all the finer detail for how you like to live
  • Identify traditional characteristics to be preserved
  • Suggest, sift through and edit various ideas – how can space be seamlessly added? How can we create a fantastic interior? Will the proposed ideas add value?

The 3D drawings we produce will illustrate what the different elements of your home may look like. Your preferences are fine-tuned until you have a fully integrated design that will look simply stunning.

From conception to completion

The most efficient way to build a project is to eliminate any chance of error from the start.  From conception to completion we ensure that big ideas and careful detailing work as one so that:

  • Plans will meet with local authority planning regulations with minimum dispute or delay
  • The build process is managed effectively to keep on time and stay within budget
  • All the finer details are cared for

Our reputable level of experience ensures only one end result – that you just LOVE it.

Effective communication that respects your time

Your time is precious. We make each step of working with us easier through:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – with you as our client, the planning authorities and building teams.
  • Patient listening skills – we may be brimming with ideas, but to fully grasp what you like/ dislike, we listen intently
  • Outstanding design ideas translated into workable ideas
  • Solid technical ability – to integrate all the essential functional and structural elements
  • Sharp problem solving – our experience identifies and addresses potential problems

They give you innovative and contemporary ideas. We are getting a fully integrated design that will look quite stunning.

M Nairn