The Client Brief

To extend and adapt the Conservatoire buildings for a new generation of student artists and musicians, including creating space for the installation of a new tenant – necessary to provide the income to facilitate the preservation of the fabric of the unique purpose built art studio.

The Challenge

The Conservatoire buildings are listed, which meant that all alterations had to be in close dialogue with the Local Authority Conservation Officer. The time and cost constraints associated with installing the tenant to create the all important income stream were critical to the delivery of the project.

What we did

Repaired the buildings suffering from rain penetration and timber decay. Restored the studio to its original format, whilst making it capable of sub-division by way of a full height glass partition.

End result

Due to fiscal stress, the Conservatoire buildings were at risk of being sold for redevelopment. The implementation of the project allowed the Conservatoire to continue providing privately funded art and music education to the community and prevented the studio from being lost to residential conversion.